Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My friends, past and present, even future are all wonderful people. They stay in my life as long as they need to and I'm very happy that they brighten my days. Every Summer I have a party and invite lots of them round to sample my hospitality. I have a burger/hot potato van run by a great guy called Rob (or Bob-the-burger) who brings the potato wagon up my drive and parks it outside my garage which is in turn made into a temporary bar, this years version being called "The Outside Inn" and I make cocktails whilst one of my guests or indeed this year, my Brother becomes barman to serve the beer. It's a great way to spend a summer evening and much as it decided to heave down with rain at some point we had the marquee up over the lawn so spirits were not dampened.

We all taste new and wonderful cocktails, eat the most wonderful jacket spuds and beefy burgers, play silly games and finally end up singing very badly in a home kareoke. Seriously if you haven't tried this kind of fun then you should.

I saw one of my neighbours the following week who I knew was having a suprise birthday party thrown for him how it went? He told me it had been brilliant and he'd got home about 1am. I told him we were still going then and they should have joined us, to which I was told "You were still going at 4am when we decided to go to bed!". He was fine about it though so no harm done.